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Gift box with diverse structure design

The modern gift box has a single structure and a variety of refurbishment situations. As the most rarely used paper packaging product, corrugated carton has been developed and refurbished in the course of its application. The high-strength corrugated composite board has been used as a refurbished product to change the corrugated horizontal arrangement of traditional corrugated cardboard. The rigorous arrangement of the structure can replace the heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paperboard and wood-grade high-end gift box packaging, which is called new environmental protection packaging materials. As a carton wrapped in a product, it is particularly important to improve its waterproof performance.
Corrugated cardboard boxes of individual practices have poor contrast between water and moisture resistance, and there is a great trouble and difficulty in recycling the carton through the film. The new recyclable waterproof carton, through the participation of hydrolyzable resin, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the carton can be better improved, and it is easily degraded during recycling, which is a fantasy process instead of the laminating carton. It can be said that the refurbishment of the packaging structure of modern products is changing from the simple sales packaging and transportation packaging to the functional packaging structure. Nowadays, the corrugated carton refurbishing process with anti-erosion characteristics is available, and the high-end gift box is the inner layer of the carton. With special information, the contents of the box can be kept for more than 5 years without any other preservative methods. This function is derived from the highly active copper network, which can effectively neutralize the erosive gas. . With the slowdown of China's circular economy, the refurbishment of paper product structure and consumption techniques will be carried out in the direction of ecological cover, energy conservation, material saving, consumption reduction, economy and simplicity. Paper-based glass and paper-based metal will become the mainstream of modern and future commemorative period packaging.
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